The Temple is a premium nutrition brand, that combines organic supplements with fitness tips, life hacks and personalised nutrition advice.

The Temple | Power Rituals for a Healthy Lifestyl

The Temple is a premium nutrition brand, that combines organic supplements with fitness tips, life hacks and personalised nutrition advice.


Alain Buffing and Nanning Jacobs are the founding fathers of The Temple. Their story goes back 10 years and started in Bangkok – South East Asia where they discovered the local diets and power rituals to keep both body and mind in balance.

Next to their internships in Bangkok, they started experimenting with a variety of diets, meditation courses and rituals like “the cold shower wake up” and “the perfect tea for a great night rest. This was the starting point of their unlimited curiosity to discover any kind of life hack that supports body & mind. Their mutual  interest to discover formed the basis of their friendship and since 2007 they have been developing (customized training) programs, collected Life – Hack insights and nutrition advise that they have now brought to gather in The Temple.

Nanning and Alain are more than motivated to share their insights and experiences of live with their community. Through the installment of routines and power rituals and with an Asian philosophy they make it possible for any individual to perform on their highest level and be their best selves.

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