Intermittent Fasting

Summary: The benefits of intermittent fasting go beyond weight loss. Temple contributor Monica explains her experience with fasting and how she felt after doing a eight day cure.


I’m an absolute fan of fasting. Twice per year I give my body a total reset with a week of fasting. Normally I go abroad to do so, but this spring work did not allow that. I prefer to combine fasting with sport activities, so I chose the sport-fasting program to follow at home. The main goal of this program is to switch for sugar burning to fat burning, the metabolic switch. You can achieve that by a minimum of 30 minute cardio per day and a supplement (see below).

The Program

The program will be done under supervision of a personal trainer, I my case Hicham Afaz (  Before the start of the program they measured my weight, fat percentage and gave advise in which heartbeat range my workouts should be. Standard for my age (51) the range is between 110 and 127, but based on my condition I was allowed to go higher.

  • Day 1 and 2: The first two days you stop eating animal proteins and fat. In the morning fruit, salad for lunch and stir-fried veggies for diner. After lunch and diner I was allowed to eat pistachio. Pistachio contains 50% fat and 20% proteins, but also magnesium, iron, zinc calcium and vitamin B1.
  • Day 3Here I’ve switched to fluid food: three times a day 300 ml.

  • Day 4, 5 and 6: During these days we were only allowed to consume freshly squeezed juices (150 ml per “meal”). I felt really fit and full of energy and because I’m used to fasting (normally I fast for at least 5 days), I extended the fasting period with 2 extra days. After the fasting period you start building up solid food again (4 days). First only veggies and fruit, then light proteins such as fish or an egg and finally carbs (brown rice). 


In the package there a 4 types of supplements you need to support the switch and to make sure you do not lack nutrients. 3 times a day I took magnesium/calcium/zinc, multivitamins, omega’s and a super juice. With every ”meal” I mixed the strawberry taste super juice powder with water. This super juice is the basic supplement during the program. It includes an amino acid complex with polyphenols. Polyphenols are fruit extracts with a strong antioxidant function. They support, together with the amino acids, the switch from sugar to fat burning and make the cure easier to sustain. You can check if you have made the switch with a urine test with the included strips. When you start burning fat, ketone will show up in your urine, the strips will change in colour. I have made the switch on day 4.

Cardio Training

Cardio training

Every day I’ve trained at least 30 till 60 minutes. By this you’ll burn more fat and excess fat reserves will be reduced, in particular belly fat. I alternated between rowing, treadmill, bike and cross trainer. And I took some yoga lessons. It is surprising how well you can exercise on just 3 small glasses juice per day. Hicham motivated me daily with what’s apps and live during the cardio in the fitness centre.



It total I have lost 6 kilo’s and 6% fat. I’m still (3 weeks after I’ve started the program) training 5 till 6 time per week, but now I combine it with weight training. My energy level is much better then when I’ve started and I sleep better and deeper. Fasting is not suitable for everyone. If you have medical problems or injuries consult your doctor first if fasting and the daily sports will not cause any problems. If you want more information about this program, don’t hesitate to contact me! (