Partnership programs

Here at The Temple, we’re all about building a kick ass community. That means we’re not only dedicated to our clients and team, but also to our business partnerships. Our vision is simple: make our clients’ success inevitable. As a premium sports nutrition brand, we’re here to offer premium products and services to the go-getters and high achievers. Our clients don’t slouch, and neither should our partners. Bringing the community vibe with an international twist, we’ve joined forces with sports clubs, supplement shops, pharmacies and universities in 10+ countries across Europe. Think your brand could make the cut? We’re constantly looking for quality partnerships that meet our standards and align with our vision. Contact us for more info on how and why you should get involved. And trust us… you want to get involved.

We’re looking for folks who put the ‘POW’ back in Power Ritual. As a Temple Trainer you’ll be part of Europe’s fastest growing premium nutrition brand. If combining organic supplements with fitness tips, life hacks, and nutrition advice sounds like just another day in the office, then this is definitely your dream job.

Not quite ready to go all the way? We understand. Commitment can be scary. Luckily, The Temple also runs a partnership program for independent sports professionals. When you sign on you’ll get the inside scoop on major monthly promotions, flash discounts, and referral discounts, plus you can earn up to 15% commission when you recommend our products to your clients.

Want to Write for Us?

All of our writers are free-range, organic, and guaranteed all natural. If you’re passionate about fitness, nutrition, and mindfulness writing, then you’re in the right place. We’re looking for lifestyle bloggers who are living their most epic lives, and want to share their life hacks with a like-minded community of awesome High Achievers!


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