Founding Fathers

We’ve gotta give props to Henry Ford, who first said ‘Coming together is the beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.’ When we first came together, we had no idea where this entrepreneurial train would take us, but we’re sure glad we got on board. We hope you’re having as much fun on the road to success as we are. Thanks for #BuildingYourTemple with #TheTempleTeam. Don’t forget to always #ShakeUpTheStatusQuo, you crazy dreamers!
– Nanning Jacobs and Alain Buffing, co-founders The Temple


“It all started eight years ago in Bangkok…”

This could be the opening line to a whole myriad of exciting stories, but it’s also the foundation of The Temple. Founding fathers, Alain and Nanning, met in the height of their expat days as bright-eyed entrepreneurs at a British Embassy networking event. Living in Asia, they witnessed firsthand the stark difference between Western society, where consumption is king, and the body/mind/nutrition balance prevalent in Asian food and philosophy.

Little did they know, this simple observation would kickstart an epic life journey. They quickly became obsessed with the question, “What if we did things differently?”

The dream wouldn’t come to fruition until 2016, when on a weeklong road trip from Chefchaoun to Sevilla, they put their principles into practice. They passed the time thinking up and implementing the life hacks that would eventually become integral to The Temple’s guiding mission. Somewhere between running along the beach in Cadiz, eating a somehow indulgent-yet-healthy meal, and a cold shower Power Ritual, the duo decided this was it. They’d uncovered a shared purpose, and couldn’t rest until they’d brought their unique insights to the world at large.

They started drafting the first framework for The Temple

The Temple’s goal is simple: build a kick ass community of high achievers who do things a little differently. They do this because they enjoy it. Because they’re good at it. Because they have a chance to create cool new products and services that break the old paradigms of what it means to be fit or successful. Because it feels good to get in shape. Share life hacks. Make epic videos.

Alain and Nanning don’t have time for self doubt, they’re too busy building an infectious tribe and feeling like legends. The Temple is for people like them, and for people like you. For the creators, entrepreneurs, high performers, and athletes of all sorts looking to improve themselves and the world around them.






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