DNA Testing

Summary: Knowing your own genetic risk can help you choose a lifestyle that is better for your health. It might be scary for some but this week Temple Co-Founder Alain Buffing reviewed the DNA test from Futura Genetics. What we want to analyse? The risk of developing 28 of the most common health conditions out there!

The Fear behind DNA Testing

This week I am testing something, which a lot of people fear. My risk to develop one of the 28 most common health conditions. Yes, for some you knowing your own genetic risk towards something like Type 1 Diabetes, Prostate Cancer, Obesity or Coronary Heart Disease, might scare you to death (literally), but for me it is part of life. This might sound odd, but let’s admit it, we are all going to die.

Scarey isn’t it?

Admitting you will die at one stage. If this stuff still scared you, I recommend having a look at Prince Ea’s material ,he does a way better job than I can in explaining it. Personally I already told myself that every year above 56 years old will be a bonus! Why 56? Check out my previous blog on bucket-lists and life expectancy.

What is DNA Testing?

So what is up with this DNA test that I am doing? Some of you might be familiar with the practise of spitting saliva in order to understand your heretics or genetic risks towards certain diseases, but for the rest, let me give you a quick 1o1:

In short, DNA Testing,  is a way for you to see what your risk is towards a certain disease based on scientific factors. It help you choose a lifestyle that is better for your health. The company I used for my test is Futura Genetics, who were so kind to sponsor me with a kit in return for a candid review, 10 Karma Points for The Temple and 20 Brownie Points for them 🍪. When you get a DNA test kit, you’ll get a set of instructions to follow so you can get a sample of DNA from your body to the lab (hello doc). You’ll probably be asked to spit into a tube or wipe a swab around inside your mouth. It is a similar technique used for companies who access your hormones.

Recent developments in DNA sequencing have lowered the cost of extracting DNA, meaning the information contained in our DNA is no longer only available to big institutions or the incredibly wealthy. Groundbreaking discoveries in recent years now allow DNA testing companies to associate specific genes with specific diseases or conditions with a high degree of certainty. These advances in science and technology have made it possible for a company like Futura Genetics to be established as a supplier of reliable and affordable knowledge.

DNA Testing Futura Genetics provides you with an easy kit to collect your saliva for testing

Meet Futura Genetics – The DNA Test Experts

Futura Genetics is one of the pioneering companies in the field of lifestyle and healthcare genetic testing. With their HQ in Canada it is their mission to bring individuals the knowledge of the human genome in a simple, accessible, and affordable manner. They believes in empowering individuals with the knowledge of their own DNA. For those of you who are scared that they might share your data with the public, no worries, they totally respect your privacy and will never transfer your personal information. So no worries for any your DNA knowledge is for your eyes only and will not be shared with any other party.

What I like about Futura Genetics is that they believe in empowering individuals with the knowledge of their own DNA so that you can improve your lifestyle accordingly. We respect your privacy and will never transfer your personal information. Your DNA knowledge is yours to use in any way you see fit.

How does the DNA Test work exactly?

DNA Testing


Step 1. Once you order your test, a DNA collection kit will be mailed to your home by UPS, free of charge!

Step 2. It’s super easy to collect a DNA sample, just Spit and Send. Ok, first close the cap 😉.

Step 3. Log into your Account & request the collection.

Step 5. Futura Genetics will come to pick it up from you via your doorstep via UPS! Or you can then use the prepaid envelope included in your kit to submit your DNA samples safe and sound.

Step 5. In 4 weeks, they will notify you that your report is available online on their account (they also mail you the results by post).

Like said before, your DNA test results are yours and yours alone. All the data is secured using the latest high tech security measures with multiple levels of encryption. In addition, they also use a barcode system to separate your personal information (like your name or address) from your DNA data thus limiting to a minimum the number of personal who can access your personal data.

After they receive the saliva, they can assess your risk of developing each of the 28 most common conditions worldwide:

My Results

DNA Testing


Breaking the taboo with my DNA Test Results

After conducting the test, I wasn’t sure if I should share my results. Some of them are quite private. However, one of the reasons why I took this test is to know beforehand if I am more sensitive to pick up a certain health condition. The other is to break the taboo that it is “scary” to know if you are likely to pick up a health condition. So by writing this post and sharing my results I also want to break the taboo that is around knowing what you might get. I do understand that for some of you this might be difficult, but I hope that the results from my test, might change your mind.

Can I get a drum-roll please?

DNA Testing

First Slide Conclusion:

Probably go bald at one point in my life. The damage here is 90%. It might have to do with my Testosterone levels, which are 3 times as high as they are supposed to be, but it is interesting to see that it is also part of my genes. Looking at my paps, I still have a good 30 years in me, until I should worry about a bold head, but I think when I pass the age of 50, this is something I can live with.

Another interesting fact is that I have high chances of developing Atrial Fibrillation, which is an abnormal heart rhythm characterised by rapid and irregular beating of the atria. You can reduce the risk of getting it if you decrease smoking, which I already skipped. I also exercise on a daily basis, however I should try to get my stress, stimulants (coffee) and alcohol down. Bye bye vino 😢..

DNA Testing
Second Slide Conclusion:

The thing that worries me here is Bladder Cancer and Celiac Disease. Although Bladder is of a similar level as the average, Celiac is 5,5 times higher.

I will keep my doctor informed about this one during my quarterly visits. For those of you who wonder what Celiac is, it is an immune reaction to eating gluten, a protein found in wheat, barley and rye. Meaning if I have it no more pasta, beer and bread.

DNA Testing

Third Slide Conclusion:

Again, quite happy with my scores here.

There is not much to see, except for the Glaucoma problem.

Unfortunately this is something that runs in the family. My grandfather has it. My father has it. My brother has high chances of getting it. And I am checking my eyes every 6 months to see if there are signs of Glaucoma, which basically is a disease that damages your eye’s optic nerve. It usually happens when fluid builds up in the front part of your eye, not cool. 🤓

Fourth Slide Conclusion:

According to the test, I have 0.35 times lower risks for Obesitas than average, slam dunk the funk!

For the rest no real interesting things, except that there might be a chance of migraine.

Fifth Slide Conclusion:

This one worries me a bit as wel, according to the genetic markers tested, I have 2.2 times higher than average risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis, which is a long-term autoimmune disorder that primarily affects joints. It is still low with 3,7% but something to keep in mind, fully in line with my lifestyle which commits to healthy eating habits, regular exercise, and the no-smoke policy.

Furthermore another shocker is the 27% chance of Prostate Cancer. Although it is curable for 90% of the cases, it still worries me.

According to the guys from “How not to Die“, higher levels of choline in the blood have been associated with increased risk of developing prostate cancer, and men who consume two and a half or more eggs per week—basically an egg every three days—may have an 81 percent increased risk of dying from prostate cancer.

Dairy, too, appears to play a role. This means, I am definitely going to lower my Protein Egg Intake, as well as doing regular blood tests. They also say, less than a single daily serving of cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, brusselsprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, or kale may cut the risk of cancer progression by more than half. Goodmorning Veggggggie Shake! 

Sixth Slide Conclusion:

And last but not least, the Type 1 and 2 Diabetes results. Luckily, I am good to go here, meaning if I maintain my healthy lifestyle, there should be zero qualms!

DNA Test Conclusions

How do I feel after this test you might ask? To be honest quite good. The results you saw might be a bit distressing, especially the Prostate Cancer, Atrial Fibrillation and Glaucoma rates. However this also enforces my healthy lifestyle. So for me it is just a strong reminder to keep on living healthy and get regular full body check up’s with my doctor, which is something, I think everybody should do. It is also good to know that the report includes the full list of SNP tested and shares information about the diseases, which made me feel more at ease. Education is a big bart in this.

Curious what you guys think of tests like these and if you would be interested to do something similar yourself?

For those of you, who are interested to give it a try, you can use the Promo Code “NewBeginnings“, via the following link, for a 12% discount  – valid until the end of the year.