About Us

The Temple | Power Rituals for a Healthy Lifestyle

The Temple, is a subscription-based lifestyle brand, that delivers a premium nutrition solution, directly to your doorstep or company floor. Skip the lines at all those health shops and allow our experts to craft a nutrition solution tailored to your needs. We send you the products in the form of a personalized kit; or you can decide to DIY and make a selection of your favorite supplements, shakes, and superfoods.


We’ve got some bad news…

There’s no one-size-fits-all miracle for success. If you want to live better and stronger, you need to be equipped with something more powerful than any product– knowledge.

About us in short; 

These days, thousands of companies claim they can deliver unbelievable results in an unrealistic amount of time. If it were that easy to blast belly fat, get ripped quick, or be an instant success the whole world would be full of perfect people living perfect lives… At The Temple, we recognize these schemes for what they are: cash cows that feed on people’s insecurities.

That’s why do things differently. As a premium nutrition brand, we get how unrealistic a one-size-fits-all approach to health and wellness really is. That’s why our legendary team of Mighty Templars works tirelessly to lay down the cornerstone of success: knowledge.

We’re not in the business of making miracles happen. And we’re not here to build more mindless puppets. We’re here to build an epic community centered around the Power Rituals and life hacks that lead to better and stronger lives!

Our goal is simple. We’re here to do things a little differently.

The Temple is not just a premium nutrition brand; it’s a community and a way of life. We’ve built our innovative philosophy on three pillars: Mind, Body, and Nutrition. With carefully curated content provided by our top-notch team of virtual experts, we arm you with an array of tips and tricks for maintaining a healthy diet, implementing a training routine, and mastering mindfulness. Our vision? To create a kick ass community of individuals dedicated to living their best life. We’re committed to quality, so no matter what your goal, you’re on the optimized track to awesome.

What We Offer

Like we said, we’re not in the business of miracles. We can’t offer you anything that will help your belly melt away without hard work and determination. What we can offer are nifty statistics to help you along the way. Like, did you know 70% of your success starts in the kitchen? That’s right, nutrition will make or break your results. Take a minute to digest that knowledge bomb.

Whether you need power rituals to kickstart your mental well-being, supplements to aid muscle building, or nutrition advice to support a healthy lifestyle, we have what you need. After years of researching, experimenting, and collaborating, we proudly offer high quality products at the best possible prices, because your well-being shouldn’t break the bank. We’ve found that there are a couple of fundamentals each body needs to perform at its best, and we’ve made it our mission to make sure you’re capitalizing on them.

Why We’re Here

Because we enjoy what we do, plain and simple. Because eight years ago a couple of guys living in Bangkok decided to change the world for the better. Since then, the Temple team has been hardcore dedicated to helping our community balance mind and body in this crazy, fast-paced world. We may set the bar high, but we’re determined to stay humble. We want to create a safe space for improvement, without the corporate bells and whistles, for individuals to connect on a human-to-human level, and put the ‘POW’ back in Power Rituals.


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