The Temple Blogger

We’re looking for lifestyle bloggers who want to share the inside scoop with a like-minded community of awesome High Achievers! All of our writers are free-range, organic, and guaranteed all natural. If you have a knack for fitness writing, love giving nutrition advice, or could write about protein shake recipes in your sleep, it’s time to harness your hobby and join the movement. Apply now!

As a Temple Blogger…

You’ll be dropping knowledge bombs on diet, fitness, mindfulness, and life hacks. We’re passionate about these subjects, and we expect the same from you! You’ll be asked to build on specific topic areas, engage with The Temple tribe, and support the brand’s mission.

What’s in it for you?

We provide a platform to showcase your work, and you get to do what you love. Unlike your friends and family, we promise our community of like-minded High Achievers won’t roll their eyes as you detail your shift to a low-carb diet, or outline how you trained for that first marathon. In addition to featuring your name and social media channels on our site, we provide product vouchers for each article we publish!

How does it work?

Let us know about your interests and areas of expertise, and provide a trial article on the subject of your choice. This article should be related to body, nutrition or mindfulness, and be at least 700-1,000 words long (no maximum word count).

We’ll read and review your work. If we feel like your writing complements our brand, you’ll be a grade-A certified Temple Blogger! We’ll provide an allocated login and password so you can get started uploading your articles. Each of your approved articles will be featured on our site, and your name will be blasted across all our social media platforms. That means thousands of readers, worldwide.

As an extra incentive, we provide a  €10 voucher code to spend on the The Temple site for every article published, so you can level up both your writing portfolio and your life!

Want to sign up? Great! We can’t wait to work with you. Still not sure how the whole thing works? We’d love to answer your questions. Either way, shoot an email to:



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