Winter Olympics
Body, Mind, Philosophy, Sport

Going for gold – the pursuit of peak performance

SummaryIt’s been a while. But here we are again, whilst Winter Olympians are racing for gold in Pyeongchang. Eveline writes about reaching your full potential and maintaining a healthy equilibrium. Why we should think of ourselves as athletes, but also why we should not exaggerate. Part 7 in a series about – but not limited to – Mindfulness.

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Mind, Philosophy, Tactics

Discipline: the building blocks of success and improved quality of life

Summary: After a recent trip to Japan I had an epiphany about how inspiring some traditions are. I’ve visited various temples and I’ve also learned about the famous discipline of samurais. I collected some interesting comparisons to our everyday lives and in this post, I help you to understand how we can still apply those ancient habits to today. Of course for the reason of improving our lives…

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