Christmas Package


Look alive people, this is not a drill! The tree is decorated, festive sweaters have been donned, and it’s time for Aunt Ruth to spike the eggnog 😉 Still looking for that perfect present? Well according to our list (and trust us, we checked it twice…), The Temple is this season’s hottest product. Our good buddy, ol’ Saint Nick, has the lowdown on how to get to the inner circle of cool, so check out our poppin’ holiday packages and deals.

Christmas Packages (corporate)

We’ve heard you’re one of those cool bosses, not like all those other bosses. We get it, figuring out how to keep your staff happy around the holidays can be tough. Mitch doesn’t drink, Janice is a vegan, Debra is allergic to nuts… Don’t worry, friend, we’ve got your back!

This year, instead of edible arrangements or boring gift certificates (again), let’s give the gift of an empowered lifestyle. Our company Christmas packages are totes hand-assembled, with care, by The Temple’s team of little elves. Ok, you caught us, that’s just Dave from Accounting in elf ears, but it’s charming right? Flexible, customizable, and best price guaranteed, we’re all about making sure you’re the holiday hero.

You know what they say, health is the gift that keeps on giving. That’s why, no matter how ‘Naughty’ or ‘Nice’ your employees have been, we want to introduce them to that something special in our gift bag this holiday season. Our limited-time Christmas box includes:

 Whey Protein Powder (50o gram; Vanilla, Choco, or Banana)

 Organic Japanese Tea (Matcha 20 gram or Sencha 100 gram)

 Supplements; (Omega-3, Multi-Vitamins and Magnesium, 60 each)

But since we really want to pamper you, we’re throwing in a few extra goodies. We’ll also include a Shaker, Jump Rope, and a tropical X-mas surprise! ‘Tis the season to live large!

Healthy employees are happy employees, and happy employees don’t waste company time watching cute kitty cat videos on Youtube. We should know. If you wanna treat your staff to the best of the best this year, get in touch with The Temple to discuss the infinite possibilities!


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