Here at the Temple, we’re all about our Tribe. Though it’s amazing that the magic of the digital age lets us talk to our community in all corners of the world, we still believe in the power of good old fashioned, face-to-face meetups. Our action-packed events bring tightknit community vibes with an international twist to global metropolitans like Amsterdam, Barcelona, Tokyo, Paris and Dublin, offering:

  • Fitness & Training Events (body blasting bootcamps, killer strongman runs, etc.)
  • Mindfulness Events (meditative yoga, team building, etc.)
  • Nutrition Events (soon-to-be-world-famous shake tastings, Omega 3 demos, etc.)

Male or female, beginner or expert, these energetic, face-to-face meetings are always jam packed with laughter, opportunities to bond with your community, and a few heaping helpings of knowledge.

Want to help organize an event? Contact us to see how you can contribute to the community by volunteering on a Body, Mind, or Nutrition Meet-up.


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