Influencer Needed

Summary: The Temple is scaling up and launching a webshop in a couple of days with amazing nutrition products. We now need a team of photographers and influencers that can help us to get the word out.

The Temple Scaling Up

A Temple is where people come together to share a common purpose. In our case, that purpose is a healthy lifestyle. We’re all about dreaming big, putting in daily effort, and enjoying every step on the path to success. You know we’re not the type to get sappy, but we are here to be the change we want to see in the world.

We’ve been growing slowly but steadily over the last few months, assembling a team of digital nomads, creating a kick ass product and a webshop that is to launch before New Years Eve. This is where the challenge comes in. We now need some cool people who can help us with some epic photography work to get the word out. This is where you come in!

Influencer Needed

Attention: calling all photographers, social influences, and social media status quo shakers!

We’re not just about FB clicks,
We also want your Insta pics…

Where do you drink your Temple shake?
At the gym? On your lunch break?

Could you Matcha on a train?
Would you Sencha in the rain?

When you’re out with Temple swag
Don’t forget the Temple tag,

And if we think your photo is a fit
We will send you a free Temple kit…  

Whey Protein The Temple
Whats the deal?

Ahem, ok, enough with the  hotline bling, we’re gonna get real for a minute. We wanna see you #ShakeUpTheStatusQuo, and we’re ready to reward your creativity with a kickass kit of testers including:

– Premium Whey Protein Powder
– Omega Capsules
– Multivitamin Supplements
– Magnesium Capsules
– Premium Grade Organic Matcha
– Organic Sencha Tea
– Chashaku Bamboo Spoon
– Temple Shaker
– Skipping Rope

We will ship you all of the above (to any destination in the world) in return for some epic product pictures. These can include you or somebody else drinking it or it can be simply placed in icon backgrounds. The ultimate win-win if you ask us, so we can sharpen up our proposition and you can kick ass in 2018 with an amazing set of heathy nutrition supplements!

Photographer Needed
So what do you think, boos and babes? You ready to #TagTheTemple?

Drop me an email with a short motivation to start this process: