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Find out why we call the push-ups as the ultimate bodyweight exercise

Summary: Push-ups are a form of exercise that you can do anywhere and anytime. You don’t need special equipment or a team to train with. All you need is the perfect technique and the time to practice. Do it a few times a week and you will find some positive improvements in your abdonial core muscels as well as in your overall fitness level. In this post we write about how to do a perfect push-up and what benefits you can expect from doing it reguarly.

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Asian Paleo Diet
Food & Drink, Nutrition

The Beginner’s Guide to the Asia Paleo Diet

Summary: After living in Asia for more than 1,5 years, working in several Health clubs and trying out multiple diets’s, I  found out that the principles Paleo was founded on and the basics of the Asian kitchen aren’t too far apart. As it turns out Authentic Asian cuisines and Asian-inspired dishes aren’t too difficult to adapt to the Paleo diet. Why? Because they rely more heavily on meats and vegetables than on grains—and where they do need grains, we can easily replace them.

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