Ultimate Gym Playlist

Summary: If you are looking for some great music to get your beast mode on, look no further. The Temple Tunes –  Spotify Ultimate Gym Playlist is exactly what you need!

The Temple Tunes: Your Ultimate Gym Playlist

Author: Alain Buffing
Reading time: 2 minutes

A lot of athletes and runners have told me it is not good to listen to music while doing your workout or while running a marathon, reason being: ‘it gets you out of your focus, you can’t listen to the way your shoes hit the pavement, and you can’t listen to your breathing,’.

I fully support the wisdom coming from these self-proclaimed experts. Heck there are even pretty solid blog posts written about the benefits of training in solace . However it doesn’t work me. So fuck the experts. I like listening to music when I work out, it brings me joy and keeps my mind of the 20km that are ahead. It helps me finish those extra 5 chest curls and it brings my mood up in the morning when I feel like I want to stay in bed and don’t want to work out.

So without further ado, let me present to you The Temple Tunes: