Banana Bread
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Two delicious & healthy banana bread variations

Summary: Banana bread is a popular, easy to make and delicious snack. Gone are the days when it was heavy and loaded with sugar. Today I recommend two healthier recipes while retaining all the delicious flavors in them as well. I am covering all grounds, one of the recipes is made with flour, the other one without. Choose whichever you prefer! We like them both!

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Food & Drink, Nutrition, Recipes

The ultimate super-snack from Brazil: Açaí berry for breakfast and snack time

Summary: Açaí berries are a trendy new thing on the Western markets. We hear about it as a fabulous weight loss support and a superfood. Beyond that, we don’t have much more information. We can’t see it on the fruit stands at the supermarket, it is not sold at the weekend farmers market either. Well then, where is this fruit coming from? How does it look and taste like? We endeavor to find out all about these berries! Come and join the Templars.

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