Marathon preparation

Summary:  In this podcast, Pascal Landshöft talks how he went from being overweight to run a marathon.

How to go from being overweight to finishing a full Marathon in only 6 months

2013 was the year Pascal Landshöft ran his first Marathon. He weighted close to 100kg at 185cm height. His fiancée informed him that he looked unattractive and she was about to end the relationship if he did not shape up.

Half a year later he finished the Dublin marathon in 3:58 and had lost 15 kg without changing his diet. In this Podcast Pascal talks about the habits he has and the rituals he sticks to in order to achieve his long term goals. He also talks about his blog: and how it helped him to keep leaping.

Pascal and Alain are discussing topics like:

– Running and lifting: being in control of your own success.

– Key to being happy in what you do: Understand why you are doing things / taking actions.

– The difference between the journey vs. actual goal

– Getting out of your comfort zone and the perks of living abroad

– Useful resources, like: Tools of Titans by Tim Ferris and The Self Journal by the Best Self.

If you are interested to read more by Pascal we encourage you to have a look at his blog:,  or have a look at the following blogs he already published for The Temple:

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